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Female Emo Haircuts

Emo, or the emotional punk movement, is a new craze among teens, and female emo haircuts are seen everywhere. Many female emo haircuts are simple to create and can be done at home with an ordinary pair of scissors.

Female emo haircuts are typically dyed jet black, regardless of the wearer's natural coloring. Although actual shaving is more common for Emo guys, Female emo haircuts can include shaved or buzzed sections of the head, and often are not straight, but are asymmetrical.

You needn't have a lot of skill and experience to create female emo haircuts. In fact, the emo movement in general rejects conventional fashion and everything that resembles "normalcy". Ironically, emo's have created a fashion of their own, and the fact that some styles can be identified as female emo haircuts is evidence of the fact that there is indeed a sense of "trendiness" involved.

Many female emo haircuts are blunt cuts. This can be done with a pair of regular scissors. You needn't be too careful that your cut is straight, since asymmetry is typical of many female emo haircuts. One idea is to create bangs starting short at one end, and getting longer toward the side in a diagonal line.

Other female emo haircuts are perfectly straight and blunt, giving a hard look. Use a ruler for these kinds of haircuts. Some haircuts are shaggy around the ears, or the circle that is cut around the ear is exaggerated. You might want to leave one side of the hair long and one side short, drawing the long side into a ponytail. Basically, female emo haircuts are limited only to one's imagination, and the more asymmetry the better.

Many female emo haircuts are dyed black, but if you do not want to take such a drastic step, you may consider, "reverse frosting" which is to dye the ends of blond hair black. You may try other colors, but emo, unlike many other punk movements, eschews bright colors in favor of black.

You needn't go to a salon to have your hair dyed, since female emo haircuts do not require a natural, professionally designed look. You can simply dye your own hair at home. If you are just trying an emo look out, you may want to use a temporary dye that will wash out before going for a more permanent option.

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While Emo male haircuts are characterized by letting a large nest of hair droop in front, these styles can also work as female emo hairstyles, since emo is characterized by androgyny. You can shave the sides and the back of your hair completely bald and leave a long tress at top and front, dangling over your eyes, or you can go for a buzz cut all around the head, leaving a long section at the top. You might want to use a flat iron to make the top section completely straight, or just let it hang.

If you have a buzz around your head, you can create zigzags, grills or other designs in it. Some female emo hairstyles involve leaving one side of the hair long and buzzing the other side. As with all female emo hairstyles, black is the color of choice. You can dye your hair completely black, or leave the buzzed part your natural color and dye the top black.

One thing to remember about female emo haircuts is not to wash, style and brush them too often. This will make your life easier, but is also meant to express emo principles of rejecting stylishness and consciousness of one's looks. Constant brushing would make female emo hairstyles look too neat and fashionable. You might want to layer or cut your hair unevenly to guarantee a shaggy, "Just got out of bed" look. On the other hand, a blunt look can look very hard or edgy, so you might want to straighten the hair with gel or a flat iron. Don't worry if your hair gets a bit oily, unless it makes creating emo styles more difficult. For female emo haircuts, the less maintenance, the better.

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