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Punk came on the scene in the early 80s with outrageous punk haircuts, clothes and anti-establishment views. The aim of the movement was to startle the public out of its complacency, and to eschew everything that was nice, middle-class and tame. Punk haircuts are meant to grab one's attention and to communicate a message of not wanting to blend in with the crowd. Punk haircuts are usually worn by devotees of punk philosophy, but many sport punk haircuts at costume parties and other functions "Just for fun". Punk haircuts are characterized by spikes, large and small, asymmetrical "do"s, colorful dyes and shaved sections of the head. Punk haircuts need not be designed by a professional stylist, but are often done at home.

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Spikes are a popular component in punk haircuts, but if you want large spikes, break out the sculpting gel. Many of the sculpting gels you purchase in salons give subtle effects, and those who want spikey punk haircuts should buy super-strong hold styling gels that give maximum hold without regard to creating a natural look.

If you would like to create spike at the top of your head, the sides, in back, or all around, simply gather you're the hair of the desired section into a ponytail, don't fasten it with an elastic band, but smooth on the gel in generous handfuls. Spray with a super-hold spray to keep your spike. It is best to use unwashed hair, since freshly washed hair is soft and can cause the spike to droop. The hair should not be too long, or the spike will not stand upright. You might want to dye the spikey area red, orange or blue with a temporary dye.

Mohawks are among the most popular and boldest punk haircuts. Creating a Mohawk is a radical move, and although many salons are not so keen about giving Mohawks, it is a good idea to have an experienced friend (perhaps another Mohawk wearer) give you a hand, since most of this style deals with the top and the back of the head, where you won't be able to see clearly. All you need to do is mark the strip of hair you want to remain, and shave off all of the hair on the sides. You can leave your center hair long and spike it up with gel, put small braids in it, or cut it very short. Many people dye their Mohawk a bright color, such as red or blue.

Many punk haircuts combine "bald spots" with sections of bushy hair. A favorite style is to shave of the hair on the sides and the back of the head and leave a bushy section on top. The sides and the back need not be shaved bald, but can be buzzed. The Cindi Lauper look in the 80s included a buzzed, "grilled" section at the side and the back of the head, and long, bright red tresses on the other side and the top. Asymmetrical punk hairstyles, which involve leaving one side long and the other side short, or the front long and the back short, are common, along with random dyeing.

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While many punk hairstyles feature unusual hair and a lot of it, many other punk hairstyles involve no hair or a tiny bit of hair. Many men shave their heads completely bald, or leave a tiny section for a ponytail at the top of their heads. Women may get a buzz cut, and dye the buzz a bright color, like orange, reminiscent of Annie Lennox's 80's premiere "do", which was a bright orange crew cut. These hairstyles, of course, require little maintenance, and can be created at home with a razor or an electric "buzzer" and dye. If you choose the right punk hair cut, you can spend just a little time on creating a hairdo that will turn heads.

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