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Sedu Short Hairstyles

Sedu Short hairstyles are as popular as long, straight locks, and there are many ways to create a straight and short look that is easy and elegant. Almost any length of hair can be suited to the sedu style, and if your hair is long enough to fit between the plates of a typical sedu iron, you can achieve a great look without a lot of hassle. Many celebrities sport short sedu hairstyles, and Paris Hilton's straight bob is a prime example of how straight is great when it is short. Sedu short hairstyles are not only for the salon, but they can also be created at home with a bit of imagination and a sedu iron.

Sedu short hairstyles require straight hair. However, you do not have to have naturally straight locks like Jennifer Anniston to achieve a great sedu look. You can have your hair straightened chemically or by using a sedu iron. Many people prefer the latter approach, because chemicals create a lot of mess and have to be applied at a salon. Chemically straightening hair can also limit your hair options. However, if you use a sedu hair straigthener, you can have a mess of curls one day and sport great sedu hairstyles on following days. Many celebrities opt to use sedu irons for flexibility.

For great sedu short hairstyles, it is a good idea to purchase the best sedu iron you can afford. Cheap sedu straighteners have metal plates which can damage the hair. The best sedu straighteners have ceramic plates which limit damage to the hair and create a sleek, straight look in only minutes. Sedu irons are usually portable and easy to use. Make sure that your sedu iron is comfortable for styling your hair both in the front and back.

A sedu hair straightener is easy to use, and most basic sedu short hairstyles require only 10 minutes of styling with the sedu hair straightener. However, if you want to wash and condition your hair first, the process takes somewhat longer. To begin creating great short sedu hairstyles, you will need to:

  • Wash and Condition Hair - use a special conditioning shampoo that will encourage your hair to lie straight
  • Blow dry hair- use a straight comb to brush out curls and waves.
  • Use Your Sedu Straightener- divide your hair into 1" wide sections and work on one part at a time, pulling the straightener through sections of hair.

The kind of short sedu hairstyles you can create depends on the length of your hair. If you have very short, layered hair, you can straighten the individual layers. If your hair is chin-length, you can experiment with various kinds of bobs. You may even want to make a tiny bun and straighten the tendrils around the face.

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Layered Look
If your hair is layered, you can use a sedu hair straightener to make your layers completely straight for a blunt look. If you prefer, you can create a softer look by wrapping sections of hair around the sedu hair straightener to create light waves around the face. Use mousse, gel or spray to hold your style.

Lots of Bobs
There are many options for sedu hairstyles if you have a bob. You can create a completely straight "flapper" look simply by straightening the ends of your hair and the bangs. If you prefer to have your bob "flip out" you can wind the end sections around the sedu straightener so they go outward. You can also "flip in" your bob, by winding the bottom sections of the hair inward.

Tiny Bun
An elegant, short sedu look can be created by pulling your short hair up into a tiny bun pinned to the back of your head and allowing tendrils to flow around your face. You can use your sedu straightener to make them perfectly straight, or create straight tendrils with slight waves at the end.

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